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  Web Designing We know from experience that successful web sites must create a great first impression, be easy and pleasant to use, and guide visitors to their goals through compelling content. If you want your web site to generate business and project the right image, we’ll work closely with...
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ExcelsisDeo provides real estate portal development solutions that include development, customization, implementation, consulting, and integration services. With the development of private property ownership, real estate has become a leading arena of business. Purchasing real estate requires a significant...
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Promotional SMS is a form of mobile marketing where a Text SMS is sent to thousands of numbers which includes promotional content about the products/ services features.

The success of messaging service it is being used as business promotion activity in the form of Bulk sms. This form of business promotion has many unique capabilities and advantages and it is difficult for any business form afford to ignore. First of all, the cost effectiveness of the promotional campaign by using Bulk SMS service make it ideal for newly launched of small scale businesses.

SMS marketing is a widely used medium for marketing purposes, our professional SMS Marketing services are of high quality and the prices are cheapest, we do concentrate on our services else than any other thing. Our relation with clients is based on long terms. As a service, a big chunk of its value lies in its utility as a business model. Enterprises can send their customized messages on the mobile of their clients or prospects, without investing in any set-up, still on its own without any technology partner.

MConnect the sms push service from Tarsan MVAS is such a solutions which helps you in your communication need through SMS or IVR.

The main features of the MConnect are:

  • Be it One-to-many or One-to-one, send bulk SMS in one go. Ability to upload files of various formats like .txt, .csv& .xls
  • Set schedule delivery on some future date & time
  • Group your contacts on specific criteria to do focused messaging
  • Create templates for repetitive messaging
  • Check status of any campaign and access various reports for analysis

Interfaces Available :-

Provides manual uploading of data file containing mobile numbers and message text .
Ensures quick delivery of multiple one-to-one SMS messages .
Ensures fast delivery of one-to-one and one-to-many SMS messages .
Suited for large quantity of SMS push on a regular basis.

Advantages : -
Reliable Transparency in uptime.Preinformation with enterprise for planned downtimes .
Ability to handle very large SMS traffic even at the peak hours .
Enterprise grade
Designed especially to cater to the requirement of Enterprise segment. High throughput Connected with multiple SMS Centers of multiple telecom operators of India & aboard. Provides shared throughput in the range of 200 SMS per second and even more
Load Balanced Dynamically distributes incoming SMSes to different SMS Centers based upon the load and queue size at the run-time.


As a business major with a concentration in information systems operations management, the subject of m-commerce is of great interest. My interest in it comes from the possible business boom that m-commerce will produce. M-commerce stands for the mobile electronic market place for businesses to consumers. M-commerce first started out with the development and success of smart phones. Without the development of smart phones and now electronic pads like the Ipad, mobile commerce would never have been thought of since it first needed a platform to function. M-commerce was developed for the business on the go, basically meaning the consumer with no time to shop at a physical store and stuck in between a commute. As best put by authors Jarvenpaa, M-commerce was an idea that “Business pundits have enthusiastically prognosticated about a seamless, mobile world where commerce occurs on an anywhere, anytime basis. This type of commerce has been referred to as mobile commerce or, more simply, m-commerce” (Balasubramanian, Peterson & Jarvenpaa). Examples of M-commerce include the I-Tunes store, the Android market, Groupon, and etc. Its rapid success in some of these examples has influenced other businesses to join this new electronic business revolution. M-commerce has had so much success that even the government has developed a mobile app for city parking meters that can be downloaded to any smart phone or electronic pad.

The Technology behind M-Commerce

The technology that supports the backbone of M-commerce is WiFi, electronic mobile devices, and software written into electronic stores. Electronic mobile devices are needed so that the consumers can have a platform to make their business transactions on while on the go. WiFi is used to connect the mobile electronic devices to the vendors (electronic stores). The electronic stores which are code written software are used as the portal where all the consumer and business transactions can take place on the web. Out of all the technologies that are used by M-commerce, the internet is arguably the most important. As stated by Wiley and Sons, “technologies have been chiefly based on the infrastructure provided by the Internet and the Web”

M-Commerce Benefits

The benefits of M-commerce are not only applied to the businesses that are profiting from another method of selling but as well by the consumers who gain an advantage of convenience as well. Businesses who are actively participating and expanding the capabilities of M-commerce are raking in millions of dollars worth of profits. Businesses like Groupon which would never have been possible if it were not for M-commerce made around $1,122,935 (in thousands) during the 2011 year (Groupon). Businesses who in the past were not able to reach customers due to busy work lives are now to reach them during their commute to work or short breaks by using M-commerce. This new method of reaching customers has allowed these businesses to increase their sales and attract new customers. Customers on the other hand are benefiting from M-commerce by having a new way of conveniently shopping on the move and getting products that were unavailable to them before. Customers are also benefiting from M-commerce businesses like Groupon in that they are purchasing discounts on services or products from either E-businesses or brick and mortar businesses.

Legal, Ethical, and Social Issues

M-commerce like any other way of doing business have to follow and prevent legal, ethical, and social issues from interfering with its development. With M-commerce being a new branch of IT it suffers from the same issues. As author Ali Salehnia points out in her book, “IT has created new social and ethical dilemmas by influencing and producing situations that can conflict with existing laws, rules, traditional ethical and moral principles” (Salehnia, 2002). M-commerce has to obey legal laws regarding the protection of consumer identity and monetary assets. One of the ways that M-commerce can follow and prevent identity theft is the use of secure online servers like https. Internet privacy laws and other laws help M-commerce fight through these legal issues. Ethical issues that effect M-commerce are those that affect the consumers directly like the right to equal opportunity, the sale of age restricted items, and the protection of consumer rights like returns and exchanges. Social issues that can affect M-commerce is the social acceptance of mobile technology in certain culture and age groups.

Security of M-Commerce

The security of M-commerce is one of the biggest issues that it will have to face as daily threats to its well being are tested. As author Chari states in his article about M-commerce threats, “The newness of this area—and the rapidness with which it is emerging—makes it difficult to analyze the technological problems that m–commerce introduces—and, in particular, the security and privacy issues” (Chari, Kermani, Smith & Tassiulas, 2001). Although with its newness in commerce threats against M-commerce can be predicted to be in the form of hackers, cyber criminals, and other private data threats. Security has to be M-commerce number one concern and goal as it needs to make sure its customers and businesses feel confident and have its trust to do transactions over its channels. If at any time this trust and false sense of security happens M-commerce will suffer a severe lost of business. Security can be solidified in M-commerce by the use of secure servers, encrypted data for private information like bank accounts, and the use of secure pay sites like PayPal or Google Wallet. Like any normal form of commerce, the potential for stealing and crime is high so it is always important to have safe guards already in place to detour such actions and behaviors.

Future of M-Commerce

The future of M-commerce looks as it can be one of great prosperity and growth. M-commerce is still in its growing stage of its life cycle as it has just recently appeared. With the success of it so early on it can only lead to one thing for its future, and that is one of even more success and better features. We as humans are always on the go and as smart phones and electronic mobile pads become a regular item in everyone’s bag than the use of M-commerce will only increase. Good examples of where M-commerce might go in the future can already be seen in countries like South Korea and other Asian countries that use M-commerce to shop for groceries and other novelty items and then have it delivered to their homes at the same time they get home from work. The possibilities for M-commerce are endless, its only limits are that of the technologies it will use and of its developers. Now that governments are starting to get with the trend of M-commerce, its use can only be expanded upon. The world of regular commerce is in for a change as M-commerce will soon be the leading way of conducting commerce.

Balasubramanian, S., Peterson, R. A., & Jarvenpaa,

Creating a Website from the scratch is very hard. If the website is not designed properly it will not catch its customers. Web designs have now become more and more sophisticated as well as incredible. The developer has to be more and more updated to the most recent tools technologies to produce the best results.

One of the  tool that  made it easy to develop contemporary stylish website is Bootstrap. To make it responsive (adaptive to mobile, pads etc) it has become one of the best  and easiest solutions.

Combining BootstrapFont Awesome, and Bootswatch has made it much splendid and too easy. 

Website QA is the quality analisys of the website. In this process we will take the quality of the website design, contents in the website designed, Links in the website designed, Images in the website designed, proper alignment of codes in the website designed.Proper working of all the links in the website designed.After our website QA the client get fully functioning attractive designed website.

"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,"

Colossians 3:23.

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