360 Degree Photography

Photographing products 360° photography is also known as 360° spin, 360° packshot, or spin photography. it is a sort of product content that allows you to shoot and present products from various perspectives. 360 Product Photography is a type of advanced product photography that is used to better visually communicate products on the internet. 360-degree product photography is taking a series of still photographs as an object rotates in a 360-degree plane. Images are collected at consistent and precise rotation intervals and the resulting 360 product image set is assembled into a 360 product spin file that may be utilized for online product presentation.

Customers can rotate, view, and inspect the product almost from any angle with 360 product spins, which usually enable interaction (click-and-drag, deep zoom). The 360 product rotation will be smoother if there are more frames collected in the 360 image set.

It is mostly used in e-commerce, product pages, and social media to provide more information about a product and engage customers.

Take, for example, backpacks. Because these products have a lot of interesting features on all sides, 360 photographs are a wonderful fit because customers can spin the object to see all sides and zoom in on specific portions.

The Benefits of Using 360° Photography in an E-Commerce

  • Increased Conversion Rates: Images help people buy things on the internet. Because it delivers more visual input, 360 product photography is a better form of the product image. Following the use of 360 product photography, brands and retailers have seen an increase in conversion rates.
  • Product Returns are Reduced: Buyers can see, virtually touch, and check a product from any aspect. This ensures that clients understand exactly what they are getting before making a purchase, lowering return rates.
  • Brand Recognition: Online sellers are always looking for new methods to improve the online shopping experience. 360-degree product views bridge the gap between virtual and reality, encouraging increased brand recognition and repeat buyers.


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